Thursday, June 13, 2013

{Twitter Review} McDonalds New Quarter Pounder - #MyQPFlavor

Today I was asked by @McDonalds_SWFL to come in an sample their new #BaconHabaneroRanch Quarter Pounder. Let me tell you this by the time you take your first bite into this tasty bit of heaven you know there is Habanero sauce on this toasty bun. It is not over powering but it does have some heat to it. It was so tasty that I want to go back and get the Habanero Ranch on one of their chicken clubs.

So my overview of this #MyQPFlavor is that the Bacon Habanero Ranch is pretty much my new burger of choice when I stop at MickeyD's.


Just look at this beautiful thing. @Scott_Kelsey 

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