Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This week's Review is of

Bokampers Sports Bar and Grill

Located in North Naples (990 Fontona Del Sol Way) This sports bar is owned by former Miami Dolphin Kim Bokamper. They have over 70 HD TVs located indoors on the outside patio. 2 Bars to serve you and what seems to be an endless selection of food on their menu. I'm pretty sure that the chef changes the menu about every 3 months so once you think you have had it all they test your taste buds with new items.

Today I opted for the Lunch Menu Special.

The Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich with Parmesan Cheese and Kale with Italian Sausage.

The Parmesan Cheese and Kale with Italian Sausage is absolutely amazing. With its bites of spicy sausage, and the parmesan married to the perfectly cooked and seasoned kale making this cup of creamy delicious goodness tops on my list for soups in the area to get. (thinking I need to put together a best of Naples Soup edition post soon)

The Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich is a pretty good take on the classic bar food item.
You get a pretty good size chicken breast breaded and fried and served  a toasted buttered roll, topped with melted blue cheese. A piece of lettuce, a couple of onions and one tomato and a quarter of a pickle.. As you can tell I feel that the sandwich needs a little help. Maybe some ranch or blue cheese dressing to slather my roll with or maybe more than a sheet of lettuce and a few other veggies to top my sandwich. The flavor is good I did add more pepper to mine just to give it a little more pop. But all in all it was a good meal.

Go Dolphins!!!


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