Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best Mom and Pops restaurant in Naples

Frascati's Italian Restaurant
1258 Airport Road North • Naples, Florida

We got the chance to eat at Frascati's Italian Restaurant this past weekend and let me tell you this is a must stop for any Italian food lover. We got the artichoke dip to start off with, now this was no regular artichoke dip it was the Mecca of all Artichokes. The creamy cheese and the soft but firm artichokes atop of a crispy slice of garlic bread just the right size for my water mouth to bite in half was only the start of our wonderful meal.

Lins got the "never go wrong with" chicken Alfredo and I opted for the chicken Marsala. Before we could taste any of these we handed this chilled salad bowls that had the most delicious salad dressing that I have ever put in my mouth. It was a creamy Italian that was so tasty I couldn't stop myself from running my finger around the bowl just to get every single last drop.

Then came the French bread, this warm, crispy bread that we tried to push away but couldn't. Now at this point we are asking each other "is this food really this good or are we really this hungry" the fact is the food was really that good. Not one thing we ate in Frascati's Italian Restaurant was sub-par.

Once my Marsala hit the table in front of me I was too full to eat both pieces (which is highly uncommon for myself). I have never had Marsala like it was served here, it had ham with it, I've never seen that before but let me tell you this that ham was perfect and the mushrooms - to die for.  That sweet Marsala sauce dripping from each warm bite of perfectly grill chicken; you cannot go wrong with that.  

Linsey's grilled chicken Alfredo was ridiculously good as well.  It wasn't your normal greasy Alfredo sauce that we all are so use to, this sauce was thick and creamy.  Even the leftovers the next day were not oily. 

We both brought food home and we ate for less then $50.  You cannot beat that, Not in this town.  I highly recommend this Frascati's to anyone who lives or is just visiting Naples, Florida. This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in all of Southwest Florida.

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