Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Naples Zoo in Naples Florida

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Naples Zoo
9:30-5pm • 1590 Goodlette-Frank Road

Ticket Prices:

Adults ages 13 through 64 $18.75
Seniors ages 65 and up $17.75
Children ages 3 through 12 $10.50
Children ages 2 and under Free

The Naples Zoo is a must stop while vacationing in Naples, Florida. There are many exhibits to see and shows to watch throughout the day. The many different sections of the zoo really keeps the crowds coming, like the African Oasis with it's jumping Impalas and gazelles and its rutting River hogs. It really makes you feel like you are on a real safari. At mid-day the gator feeding at Alligator Bay is where you want to be. You can see enormous gators fight over their lunches, jumping out of the water to snag a piece of chicken.

Throughout the day you can do just about anything you would like. There is a very exciting Primate Cruise (my favorite) that you float around and see all the monkeys, apes and of course the lemurs. (I cannot get enough of them) It is about a 20 minute ride so it is perfect when you need to cool off and take a break. It seems as if the primates think we are the shows and they are there to watch us!

I'm sure you will love it here at the zoo and I'm sure you would love the lemurs as well.

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